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AMALA LABEL' mission is to work with the best talents who develop authentic content, products & services, aiming to always be one step ahead in a landscape where the only constant is change.

Spasmo Dilo


Spasmo Dilo enters the MC, producer, and artist community with a hybrid musical concept crafted from emotions and urban stories. The sounds draw from alternative styles influenced by hip-hop, jazz, funk, and new age, culminating in a new wave meant to explore different musical dimensions. His creation blends catharsis with raw emotions and brings to light a nomadic and hybrid musical concept that heals, saves, and evolves in search of its musical identity. Spasmo takes us through the hyperspace of feelings into an exotic reality detached from the depths of his soul.

Brian Petermann


An exceptional musician and artist specializing in playing the didgeridoo, a traditional wind instrument from Australia. Brian’s musical journey began in 2014, in the heart of the Bucharest urban jungle. Since then, he has been collaborating with a diverse range of artists and has managed to bring together a tight-knit community of artists to the jam scene, especially from 2015 till the present moment.



Yazee Jay


Yazee Jay is a versatile artist hailing from.Bucharest Romania. He's been making music since 2005 when he started working on his first hip hop album alongside DJ Undoo, a renowned Romanian producer. Since the launch of his album in 2009 he's been active alongside Freqkid / Freqax, an internationally renowned dnb producer. At the moment he's working on his second album as well as collaborating with other Romanian artists like Spasmo Dilo & BMC.

Poetry Concept

Hotel in Iad