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Freedom of expression

Amala Label is an independent record label in Eastern Europe

Amala release all over the world, live, on digital platforms and on radios .
AMALA LABEL enters the MC community, producers and artists, with a hybrid musical concept, made of urban emotions and stories. The sounds derive from alternative styles, influenced by hip-hop, j funk, traditional, electronic, rock and new age, cumulating in a new wave meant to explore different musical dimensions.The motto here is Freedom of expression.



The most appreciated songwriters in Romania, authors of many hits with many views and success all over the world.


Due to our passionate involvement in the recording field, at AMALA LABEL we cover a wide spectrum of services. Together with the right team, we satisfy any specific needs for the project you come up with - be it composition, pre-production, arrangements, recording, mixing or mastering.
We’ve also developed a number of key relationships with producers, bands and other like-minded people who we work alongside to deliver the best possible services to our clients.


Being home to a large group of artists, we also plan and organise concerts, music celebration and parties, each year, and soon worldwide.